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Thursday and Friday

You learning for Thursday and Friday is to write your story. 


First retell the story using your story map. 

Try to include language from the story to sequence each picture 


  • once there was
  • one night
  • then 
  • next 
  • go to sleep
  • What's that?
  • noises e.g Drip! Drip!
  • emotion e.g. Go to sleep! 


Once you have told you story using your map, begin to write it. Don't rush your story as you have 2 days to complete it.


Try to include

  • capital letters
  • full stops
  • ! for noises e.g Twit Thoo! 
  • ! for emotions e.g. Go to sleep! 


Your story needs a title - The Very Noisy Night



Finish writing your story and then edit your work. Things I would like you to look for and tick are: 

  • capital letters 
  • full stops 
  • exclamation marks 
  • question marks 


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