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*Remember if you were in school this week you need to do the lesson from yesterday instead*


Today's task is to write your own Katie story. Remember you have your story map and story mountain to help you. You can also look back at the Katie stories we have looked at so far to get some more ideas. Try and include lots of adjectives, conjunctions and even adverbs if you think you can. I'd love for you to try and 'show off' all the skills you have been learning about whilst home learning smileyyes


Today we are going to continue to learn about time but now looking at hours and days smiley

Hours and days


In the painting 'The Lion of St Mark' from our Katie story this week the lion has wings! Your activity today is to create your own creature. It could be an animal you already know of, with extras! It could be two or three animals combined. It could be a completely made up creature from your imagination. I would love to see what you create laughyes

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