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Today we are going to write a friendly letter to Blob and Brush from Crab to apologise. Crab was a bit mean in the story as he wouldn't share his shell with Blob and Brush in the beginning and then he got fed up with them being his taxi. He made them leave the shell and they said he was ungrateful. They found new homes but then the storm happened and their new homes got destroyed.


Activity - Write a friendly letter to apologise. Friendly letters don't need an address. 

Things to include:

  • Who it is to ( Dear Blob and Brush or To Blob and Brush)
  • Date (friendly letters need a date)
  • From ( Your friend Crab) 
  • Writing from Crab saying sorry (Dear Blob and Brush, I am sorry for being unkind to you......)



A friendly letter is set out like this. 

There is a template for you to write your letter on if you want it. 



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