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Spr3.1.2 - Comparing statements

This is "Spr3.1.2 - Comparing statements" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

English, Experiance Day, Thanks for all The Fish

We will meet today at 11.00 and I will  guide you through the task.  

Today we are having a break from sentence stacking...we're going fact fishing . You are going to do some fact fishing. Your task is to use the 'Ducksters' page to learn about fish. As you read, make lists of the names of some new or unfamiliar fish and notes of interesting fish facts that float your boat.

Then moor up in a comfortable seat to watch the amazing BBC programme about Fish. The opening is truly breathtaking. Surfs up dude!

There are three tasks today. You may want to spread these over today and Friday, to really take your time and do your best with them.

Task 1. is to learn about a truly signifigant scientist Mary Anning. So, work through the power point making notes or drawings and then have a go at the questions at the end to test your knowledge.

Task 2.  is to learn how a fossil is formed by having a go at the fun cut-out task.

Task 3.  Create and make a fossil model. Roll those sleeves up and get making. Don't forget to ask for help and to clean up!

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