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Our latest PSHE topic is all about the impact news stories can have on feelings and emotions.

Work your way through the steps below.


1) How do I feel about the news? 

How far do you agree/disagree with the following statements? (strongly agree/agree/neither agree or disagree/disagree/strongly disagree)
• Reading/watching/hearing the news makes people
feel depressed
• Mostly, the news makes the world seem like a bad place
• News has the power to make people feel positive and
• News should be about everyday people’s lives
• It is OK to share news about people without asking


2) Consider the following words:

worried  angry   upset   devastated   shocked   pleased


Which types of news stories might generate each of these feelings?

How can news stories affect feelings?

Which type of news stories can affect feelings most?


3) Read the scenarios in this powerpoint.



Think about how each character is feeling. Use the vocabulary from step 2.

4) Read Nav's story

Was it fair to share this information about Nav in a news story? What effect has this had on Nav/others (including on their feelings)? What should the news group have done instead? What should Nav do now? What’s the difference between a personal story and a public news story?

5) Write a response to Nav

Imagine Nav has sent his concerns to an advice page, on which you are the person who writes the replies.

Write back to Nav, with help and advice for managing the situation.

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