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Today we are going to learn a song, which is about a historical event.
London's Burning

First watch the video, so you can hear the tune of the song. Can you have a go at singing along?

When you are comfortable with the tune and the lyrics, can you have a go singing the song and changing the  ´dynamics´. This means how quiet or loud the music/singing is. Can you sing the song in a whisper? Can you sing the song loudly? 

Now try to experiment with the words. Try saying the first syllable loud and the second quiet. Can you sing again making the first syllable quiet and the second loud? 


Now look at the lyrics of the song. What do you think the words in the song mean? There are lots of rhymes that are based on historical events as they often pass on a moral message and events to be remembered.



Extra Challenge

You are going to need family members to help you here, but they should know the song.

Can you perform as a round? 

A round is a song where two or more voices sing exactly the same tune but each voice starts at different times. The singing keeps repeating. The parts should fit together perfectly. Once you have had a go, think about how you could change the dynamics of the performance. For example,

Person 1 sings loudly, Person 2 sings quietly, Person 3 whispers. 



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