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I thought you might like some fun music lessons. 

Each lesson builds on the next.

The song is called: There's a hole in the bottom of the sea.


Watch the tutorial: 

Nigel and Suki continue their adventure at sea and Suki tries to catch a stowaway frog!

  • Identify how the first line of each verse gets longer.
  • Can children spot the lines in the verses which are the same? They are the last three lines.


  • Practise singing the whole of the song from the beginning.
  • Discuss the extra thing that is added in each verse - can the children remember what happens each time, as their singing list gets longer and longer?
  • Notice the notes of ‘There’s a hole’ go up in pitch (ascend) to start with, then go back down again (descend).
  • Talk about the bouncy rhythm of ‘There’s a frog on the bump on the log in the hole at the bottom of the sea…’ It’s jumpy, like Suki’s frog!


Once you have watched the tutorial move onto the next lesson and sing your heart out smiley  

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