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Design Technology


Your DT project over the next 2 weeks is to build a new castle for the Giant. 


Before you start building the castle I would like you to create a plan.  Every project need a plan smiley

Think about the resources you will need to make the castle. 

Are you going to do a castle at the topic of a beanstalk or are you just going to make a castle. Have a look at examples below to give you some idea. 

Think about the features you might add to your castle e.g. a draw bridge, moat, towers........  

Think about how you will put it together e.g. glue, masking tape, sellotape  


On the planning template I would like you to draw the objects you will need to make your castle and  label them. Next I would like you to draw a picture of your design. 


Don't start making your castle yet.

You could begin to collect resources for it though.  


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