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In order to complete the work for the Arts Award, that you signed up to when we visited Glyndebourne in October, you need to watch the videos posted below and then print out and complete pages 24 (Careers at Glyndebourne) and 25 (Jobs at Glyndebourne)


Please bring the activity sheets back to school, when you return next week, so that we can send them off with the rest of your work.

We need to send off your pieces of work with the sheets that you have completed. Some of you have been away when the work was completed. Have a think about whether you have the following two pieces of work  in your tray at school. If not, complete them at home and bring them back to school next week.

  • Make a mind map of all the different art forms involved in Glyndebourne productions. Think about what happens to create an opera. (It's not just singing!)
  • Design a character's costume/make-up or props for the production of Don Pasquale.
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