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Tue 12th

Good Morning - to what should have been day two of SATs. 


Today would have been the reading paper and I have attached last year's below. If you do decide to do it (totally optional), I wouldn't bother printing out the reading booklet - just read it from the screen. 

I have also worked out how to embed the WhiteRose maths videos into our page. The maths overview sheet attached gives the instructions I wrote on how to follow the link; you can ignore those now and just watch the video below. But still look at the sheet for the other information.


I expect you have been listening to the news about coming back to school. We have no more information than you do at the moment … we find things out by watching the news! However, I will keep you up to date as I learn more. However, it does look like we will be getting back together again soon. 


Fingers crossed the warm weather comes back soon! 


Mrs Head


Multiply fractions by integers WhiteRose video to go with activity sheet

Today's video

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