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Tue 2nd

Dear Oak Class

It's Monday night and it's getting rather late for me (9:09pm... past my bedtime). I am going to quickly post Tuesday now as I know tomorrow will be too busy! I am really sorry there is no picture of our rearranged classroom yet - I didn't have time to get into our room on Monday... I am hoping I will have more time Tuesday. 

Today’s White Rose maths video has some great reasoning challenges in it. I strongly recommend you watch the video before looking at the activity sheet and pause and try the challenges they give. The visual explanations are very good although do go a little fast. You may want to watch the explanations twice by dragging back the video.

The activity sheet can be completed without printing it, If you choose not to print it, question 3 can be answered by explaining in words how many of each square you would colour. Showing your working will really help your thought process on questions 6 and 7. If I was doing it, I would not work in my head … I would do jottings as I worked!!!!

Our English takes us to the end of Street Child - I hope it has the end you are hoping for! 

Hope you have a lovely day,

Mrs Head

White Rose - Equivalent Fractions Decimals Percenatges

Equivalent FDP video to watch before doing the activity sheet.

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