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Drawing line graphs, today. Watch the video and answer the questions on the worksheet.

Sum6.1.2 - Draw line graphs

This is "Sum6.1.2 - Draw line graphs" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


We are revising spelling rules that you have been learning since Year 3.

Today's rule is about what happens when we add a suffix, beginning with a vowel, to a word.

Have a look at the explanation and examples below. Can you add any other examples or find any exceptions to the rule?

Spelling Pattern

Rules for this pattern



Adding suffixes that start with a vowel letter to words with more than one syllable

If the last syllable of a word is stressed and ends with one consonant letter which has just one vowel letter before it, the final consonant letter is doubled before any ending beginning with a vowel letter is added. The consonant letter is not doubled if the syllable is unstressed.

nicest, happiest, adoring, funniest, copier, improving, sunnier, required, beginning, beginner, gardener, gardening forgetting, forgotten, committing, multiplying, preferred, limiting, limited, limitation, absorbent, admired, allowance, assistant, controlled, controller, controlling, coverage, creative, criticism, decorative, deferred deferring, disturbance, heroism, inquired, inquiring, investigator, journalism, narrative, narrator, observant, occurred, occurring, occurrence, producer, provider, relative, thunderous, traveller, vandalism, visitor, polishing





Everybody has been given their Eurovision country today. Yours is Poland.

Can you find out as much as possible about your country? You might investigate:

  • Population
  • Geography
  • Food
  • History
  • Tourist attractions

to name but a few!

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