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Tuesday 17th Nov

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Day One of our short isolation. This might feel a bit strange at first, but we’ve all been here before during the first lockdown… and I know you can do it! (And it’s only just over a week, so make the most of it.) 

I will post a message every week day to keep in touch - with tasks to do of course.

Some things I would like returned by email, but other things can be brought back to school next week - when we return on Wednesday 25th. 


Today we have the second lesson in the block from White Rose about units of measure. This is a recap lesson covering things taught in year 3 - so hopefully nothing will be too tricky.

I would like you to:

  • Watch the video, pausing it to think and ‘have a go’ where the teacher prompts.
  • Print the worksheet out and do the tasks where the video tells you to.
  • I’ve posted the answers so you can mark your worksheet when you have finished - just like we do in class. If you got something wrong, try and see where you made the error. Remember we learn a lot by understanding where we went wrong!

This activity can be kept at home and brought in when you return to school.


We will continue with Varjak Paw. I have photographed the next few pages for you to read. If possible read these to an adult. Make sure you fill them in on the story so far! Once you have read the extract, do the activity below. You can either type this or handwrite it; it can then be emailed back to me as a Word document or a photograph of your writing.


Today we are learning about the Water Cycle. Many of you were able to take an activity sheet before you left yesterday – if you didn’t, I have attached the sheet along with the activity.

Timestable Rockstars

Keep this going at home! I will announce Most Accurate on Wednesday and award a Virtual Cup!

I have made a list of where you all are too - so if you move up to a new level I’ll announce it to the class during my daily message. I’ll try and fit in a few Rock Slam challenges too!

If you have any spare time after this work, why not do some baking? Oak class used to send me fantastic pictures of their bakes and some great recipes.

Here is my email if you would like to message me or have work to send me:

Have a lovely day – missing you already!

Mrs Head

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