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So today we are going to look at another clever technique we can use in our poetry, similes. Similes are when we say something is like something else.

For example, if I wanted to say something was hot. My simile could be - It was as hot as the sun.Or if I wanted to say someone could swim really well I could say - The boy swam like a fish. 

Similes use the words 'as' or 'like'.

Here are some activities for you to practise writing similes smiley



Today we are going to practise our 2 times tables. Use things around the house or drawings to help you if needed.


Remember you've got the second column on your Minute Maths sheet to complete aswell laugh


Whilst we are enjoying this lovely weather you could try and create some shadow art. Get some of your toys and put them down next to a piece of paper. You might have to move them around a bit to get the perfect shadow. Some toys will make clearer shadows than others. Can you think why?? 

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