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Tuesday 31st

Happy Tuesday! 

Well I've had my first day in school without you all and it felt very odd. I kept expecting to see you in the corridors and playtime very empty!

Thank you Ethan for reminding me I hadn't posted the answers to the long multiplication ... they are now posted below. I have actually completed the calculations in full, so if you did not get the answer correct, you can look back to find where you made the error. Remember, you learn a lot by working out where you went wrong. 

Today's tasks are posted below and I will continue to upload the photographs of us in our Victorian costumes. I had great fun making my costume … it's a cardigan on back to front and a cloak tied around my waist. As you can see, I was hard at work cleaning my fireplace! 

Hope you enjoy your day!

Mrs Head


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The school will be closed to all pupils (with the exception of children of Key Workers, those with Social Workers and those with an EHCP) from Friday 20th March until further notice