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A letter from Granny

We got another letter at school yesterday! It was from Grandmother Hood. She's written to tell you who won the story competition. Well done to everyone who entered, you all did such a wonderful job laugh


Your task today is all about fairy cakes, yummy! cheeky Can you cut the instructions out and put them in the right order? 

There's then some questions to answer about them. 


Yesterday we practiced our number bonds to 10. Today we are looking at number bonds to 100!!! Can you think of a method that would help you to solve these problems? You might be able to use your number bonds to 10 knowledge laugh I've included a challenge sheet if you really want to stretch your brain. 


Remember you've got the other column on your Minute Maths sheet aswell yes


Here is a cut and stick activity for you to try smiley Can you match up the animals with what they produce and what we use it for? 

Then can you think of any others?

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