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Today we are remember how to use column addition with multiple exchanges. 

English - Writing 

I hope you enjoyed recording your day yesterday. We are all living through history and it will be really special to be able to read these back in years to come. 


Today, you are going to write a first draft. Please use yesterday's notes and the check list to help you. All the checklist points have been covered in class but if you do need help with the expanded noun phrases, please look at the below website.   This is one of the BBC Bitesize daily lessons.


When you are reading back your work, please check you have included: 

  • Joined handwriting
  • Capital letters at the start of the sentence
  • Capital letters for proper nouns
  • Punctuation at the end of a sentence (. ? ! )
  • Commas in a list
  • Apostrophes to show possession and contractions
  • with, their, there, want - check the spelling 

English - Reading 

Chapter 3 - Inference Skills

  • Why did they have to get the boat to the shore?
  • Why does one of the pirates take Lila’s hand?
  • Why do the pirates decide not to kill Lila?
  • What happens to the boat?
  • Why does Lila just leave the pirates behind?
  • Why does Hamlet want to go past the zoo?
  • Explain exactly why the slave follows Lalchand home.
  • Why is Rambashi giving away free food?
  • Why was everything so smokey?

English- Spelling

Please use today to have another practice of these words. Tomorrow there will be an 'unscramble' activity and a diction Thursday. 

Please use the Spelling Menu or Spelling Frame website to help you. 

  • appear
  • accidentally
  • address
  • bicycle
  • arrive
  • believe
  • answer
  • actually
  • actual


Spelling Frame also have online games to support this learning.

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