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I hope you got on alright with yesterday's learning. Some of you may be able to work through those steps in your head, so it may become a mental method. 

Today, we are learning to use the formal written method for multiplying 2-digit numbers called short multiplication. Please follow each step, as they are there to help you understand what is happening. Also, please remember to challenge yourself, but also only complete what you can. 

We will revisit this when we are back in school.



English - writing

Sorry just a little note. When I mention a picture in the document, I am talking about the image I posted yesterday.


English - Spelling

Please spend some time today focusing on this week's spelling rule. Please refer back to Monday for more information. 

English - Reading 

Chapter 4 - The Fire Maker's Daughter

Today we are going to use our retrieval skills. Use the book to help you find the answer the questions. Like always, you do not need to re-read the whole chapter. Scan the chapter for the key word, and then skim read around this word to see if it helps answer the question. 


  • Why does the goddess stop all the fuss?
  • Why does the goddess not want Chulak to write on Hamlet anymore?
  • What does Chulak ask the goddess for?
  • What happens to the Jungle Grill?
  • Why couldn’t Lila get to sleep?
  • How does Lila fall?
  • Where does Lila end up? How does she know she’s there?
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