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Good morning Beech Class. Mrs Kerrigan and I feel that it is time to change your wonderful futuristic art that is displayed in the corridor. As our topic would have been Ancient Greece, we thought that it would be great if you could research and design your own Greek vase.


Greek vases were made in different shapes and were used for many reasons. Most have geometric repeating patterns on and show pictures of daily life.


If you go to the British Museum website and search Greek vases, there are some examples that you can look at. Another good website is (I found it by Googling Greek vases), which explains the different vase shapes and uses.


I have included a design sheet for you to complete. You could use whatever you like to design your vase: felt tips, pencil crayons, paint, collage; the choice is yours. If, whilst on your daily exercise, you pass the school, you could post your design through the letterbox to start our display.


Please don't make your design too complicated as hopefully, when we are all back together, we are going to tray and make the vases using paper mache and balloons!


Stay safe and have fun.


Mrs Peck

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