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Today we are going to look at a different Lighthouse Keeper story. We are going to look at 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Tea'. Your first task is to watch the video up until Mr Grinling sees the Kingfisher, about 2 minutes 50 seconds into the video clip and then STOP! I have then given you four pictures, can you put them in the right order? One of the pictures you haven't seen yet in the video, this goes next smiley

Now, can you write sentences underneath each one explaining what is going on? For the last picture you will have to guess what's happening and why. Today I'm going to give you a challenge and super challenge for your writing if you want to give them a try! 

So everyone must write the sentences, with full stops and capital letters. 

Your challenge is to include an adjective (describing word) in each sentence.

Your super challenge is to try and include a conjunction (joining word) in each sentence. You could use: and, but, because etc. 

The Lighthouse Keeper's Tea


Today we are going to look at fact families to 20. Remember we can show these in lots of different ways. We are going to use a video from White Rose to help us today to show all the different ways we can show our fact families. It's exactly like we do in class (just with a mans voice, not mine!) laughyes I've also included the worksheets for you to have a go at. In one of the questions it talks about counters and tens frames. If you don't have these at home maybe you could make your own by colouring in pieces of paper? I've also included the answers so you can check your work. But no peaking until you are done smiley

Fact families addition and subtraction bonds to 20

Design and Technology

Here is a PowerPoint all about lighthouses. They come in all sorts of shape and sizes! Can you create your own lighthouse? It could be made from Lego, maybe an old toilet roll tube? I'm sure you'll have lots of brilliant ideas and I would love to see what you come up with smileyyes

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