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Today, we are completing multiple exchanges when multiplying a 3-digit number by a 1-digit number. 

Tomorrow, we will complete further activities to help you to practice this skill. 

English - Reading

Today, we are going to use our retrieval skills. Use the book to help you find the answer the questions. Like always, you do not need to re-read the whole chapter. Scan the chapter for the key word, and then skim read around this word to see if it helps answer the question

  1. What creatures turn up?
  2. What does Razvani look like?
  3. What had Razvani expected Lila to bring?
  4. What does Razvani demand that Lila do?
  5. What is the Royal Sulphur?

English - Spelling

Please spend time today practicing adding the prefixes 'auto' and 'inter'. 

This website could provide further practice for you.

English - Writing

Today you are going to use fronted adverbials in your build up. Please dont use them for every sentence, but use them to help create a picture or understanding in their mind. 

This video will help you to understand what a fronted adverbial is:


Now please write the build up to your main problem.

My build up is going to have three small problems which link to the big problem.



On Friday, it is VE day, so please use your research skills to answer the following questions:


  • Find out about VE day - 8th May 1945 
  • What is VE day? 
  • Why was it such an important moment in history? 


  • Which countries were involved in the war.
  • Which side were they on? 

Present your findings in an interesting way. 

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