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You are The Editor

Today's writing task is to edit the first draft of the story you have been writing. I have given you two tasks to help you. One, is to help to teach you how to edit your story. The second task will be you editing your story. When you are editing your story, use a different coloured pen or pencil to write on your story to make corrections. 


Maths, Subtraction

Flat Stanley, Chapter 4

Read through chapter 4 and Write your answers to these questions in full sentences, please.. 

  • Why was Stanley Lambchop a famous name?
  • Why were children being rude to Stanley? How did it make him feel?
  • Why does Stanley need to shut his mouth tight?


We will continue with some more new maths today and some subtraction challenges. I have included a help sheet to teach you how to regroup to complete these column subtraction challenges. I know you will step up to the challenge. It's takeaway but not from the Chip Shop!

Spelling Challenge

Go back to yesterday's task spelling task on prefixes. Ask your helper to read each word out  aloud to you. Try and spell each word and then remind yourself  what the word means.


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