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Your first task today is a bit of a memory test smiley Without re-watching the story from last week can you cut out the sentences and try and put them in the right order? As an extra challenge can you try and improve any of the sentences? Maybe you could add an adjective, or some extra information. 

Your next task is to watch the Lighthouse Keeper's Breakfast. As you watch it can you write down any words or phrases that you really like. Keep this piece of paper somewhere safe because it will help you later in the week smiley

The Lighthouse Keeper's Breakfast


Today we are going to look at adding and subtracting ones. There's the video to watch, then the worksheet to have a go at and as always no peeking at the answers until you are done! Remember, you may think it seems easy but make sure we are being accurate and not making silly mistakes. As the sheet goes on and it gets harder, you could use objects in your house to help you show the tens and ones if you need to. Maybe pieces of spaghetti could be tens and smaller pieces of pasta could be ones? Or you could draw out some tens and ones and cut them out and use them? 

Add and subtract ones


So at school we were learning our songs for Spring Teas using Makaton signs. I thought it would be fun this week to learn some more Makaton through songs we know. Look carefully at the shapes the lady is making with her hands to show the different words. I've chosen Old McDonald today and this version has three animal signs in it. Can you find out how to sign for anymore animals? 

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