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Listen to Sam's Sandwich again (you will find the video clip in Monday's folder).

If you have the book then read it again.


Today learn some talk for writing actions to write a series of intructions for your disgusting minibeast sandwich. We will only use part of the story. Each instruction will start with a time connective (see spelling folder if you haven't learnt these yet).     



Talk for writing (T4W) is actions the children and I come up with as part of a writing  sequence. It helps the children to memorise a story and it is a fantastic building block to support writing. The children are used to T4W and will support you to make up some actions together. It doesn't matter what the actions are or how silly they may seem. Use the broken down version of the story attached for T4W. 


If your child would like to add different minibeasts to their sandwich they can. The same process for retelling the instructions should apply.





Once the T4W has been embedded draw a story map of the instructions.

There is a template that can be used or fold a piece of paper so you have 6 squares.

In each square draw a picture for each instruction.

I have done a story map so you can see what it should look like. 

Once you have drawn the pictures - say the instructions to your parent.

Remember to include the number when saying your instructions. 

For example say "Number 1, first get the bread and spread the butter on top ".    

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