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English - Writing

Thank You Letter

Today we are going to look at the features of letter writing.

Task 1. I have attached a formal letter and a formal letter writing checklist. I would like you to read the formal letter and use the formal letter checklist to help you find the features of a formal letter. So, work through each feature on the checklist and label and or underline them on the letter example when you find them. 

Task 2.

Look at the informal letter attached. I would like you to read it and compare it to the formal letter. What differences can you spot between the two letter types? Which letter type would be the most appropriate for you to use? Why?


Recognise tenths and hundredths

English - Spellings

Please continue to focus on spelling 'sc' words. Please see Monday for more information. I have attached a handwriting activity if you fancy a change.

English - Reading 

Retrieval Skills

  • What ship did the firework makers arrive on?
  • What’s Signor Scorcini’s speciality?
  • How many visiting firework makers are there?
  • What do they borrow for the fireworks?
  • Why is Hamlet so sad?
  • Why does the official stop timing?
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