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As part of our English this week we will be creating a character description about The Bad Tempered Ladybird.

We will use adjective to describe nouns. 


Nouns identify any person, place or thing. For example a ladybird is a noun. It's wings are a noun. The garden where it lives is a noun.  What other nouns can you think of? Draw 3 columns on a piece of paper and write 'Person Place Thing'. Next look around your house to see if you can spot different nouns. Write or draw them in each column.  



Draw a ladybird and describe it using adjectives (describing words). You can draw the ladybird in the book or draw  your own. You will see from the photos below, not all ladybirds are red and black.


I have also included a link which shows many different types of ladybirds. Have a look as you're be amazed how many there are! 


Your ladybird must have: 

  • head 
  • wings 
  • 6 legs 
  • 2 eyes 
  • body
  • antenna 
  • abdomen 
  • elytra (the shell)


I drew two ladybirds - one is red like the Bad Tempered Ladybird and the other is called an Anatis or Eyed Ladybird. 

I wrote adjectives to describe the red one. 

What adjectives would you use to describe the Eyed Ladybird? Tell your parents.   


The ladybird I drew is likely to be different from yours so try to think of your own adjectives.       

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