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I am now going to start including an activity called Flashback 4 with your maths work. You might like to use these to start your maths time. They have been created to 'keep your learning alive'. If we keep going back to information we have stored in our brain, we less likely to forget this information. As always, please only complete what you are able. 

English Thank You Letter

Today we are going to look at the features of letter writing.

Task 1. I have attached a formal letter and a formal letter writing checklist. I would like you to read the formal letter and use the formal letter checklist to help you find the features of a formal letter. So, work through each feature on the checklist and label and or underline them on the letter example when you find them. 

Task 2.

Look at the  informal letter attached. I would like you to read that and compare it to the formal letter. What  differences can you spot between the two letter types?   Which letter type would be the most appropriate letter for you to write and why? 

Yesterday, you choose your ten words to learn this week. Your task today is to learn the same words but use a different task form the spelling menu to help you learn them. 

Carrie's War, Chapter 3

Today your task is to answer questions about Chapter 3. You will probably want to listen to the chapter again to help you answer the questions.

  • How does Mr Evans behave when Carrie and Nick’s mother visits?
  • Does she get a true impression of what life is like for her children? 
  • Why does Nick refuse a biscuit when his mother is there?
  • Why is she surprised?  
  • What does Carrie worry about during her mother’s visit? 
  • Who lives at Druid’s Bottom? 
  • What is Carrie and Nick’s first walk to Druid’s Bottom like?

Topic, The Stone Age

I have given you a reading task to focus on this week. There is lots of information about the Neolithic period or Stone Age that we are learning about on the attached task.

Over the next few days, your task is to read the information in each section (maybe a section a day) and to answer the questions from each section as you complete that section. 

To help you and your helpers, the answers to the questions are included. So, when you have completed a section and written your answers you can check through to see if you were correct.

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