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Your first task today is to watch the next Katie story, Katie and the Starry Night. This week we are going to write postcards. We are going to imagine we are on holiday with our Grandma and we are going to write a postcard home to our mum. I have tried to write a postcard but I was pretty tired when I did it. I think I may have made some mistakes, can you check it for me an see if you can improve it? 

Your second activity is to rewatch the video and make a list of the things that Katie sees and does. This will help you later in the week smiley

Katie and the Starry Night


Today we are going to look at odd and even numbers. In the questions it talks about using tens frames and counters. Remember you can draw tens frames really easily and there are lots of things you can use around your house as counters smiley

Odd and even numbers


Can you create your own 'Starry Night' picture inspired by Vincent van Gogh? You could use paints, felt tips, chalks, pastels. Whatever you have in your house smiley Try to experiment with how he made different shapes and textures. There are some examples below. 

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