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Good Morning Beech Class


I have bought a patio heater! Last night, we managed to eat dinner in the garden at 9.00 pm (a bit late, I know!) without a single blanket or sleeping bag! smiley


Subtraction of large numbers today and continuing our work on discussion/balanced arguments. Please keep the work coming; I really am loving it and the reason for my delay in replying to you is that I want to respond with the  meaningful feedback that your amazing efforts deserve. Mrs Peck and I keep saying how lucky we are to have the BEST class, who are responding to the work so enthusiastically. We are seeing amazing progress. Thank you (please pass on  a bit of our appreciation to your parents too!)


Keep up the good work and keep on top of your Parthenon Marbles research. I am sure that some of you have worked out, by now that this is going to form the main part of our independent writing task for this unit on balanced arguments.


Have a good day,


Mrs Kerrigan


PS....Year 6 were lovely yesterday but we are still missing all of you terribly. 

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