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Apologies but not everything loaded yesterday. Even my welcome message was cut very short!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

What do you call a number that can not keep still?

A roamin' numeral!


Have a great day, Mrs Lewis wink


Divide 1-digit by 10

Superheroes and Villains

Today, your task is to create your Superhero and their arch enemy. Superman has the dastardly Lex Luthor, Spider-Man the evil Green Goblin.

First draw your characters and then describe them:

Think about extended noun phrases that describe.  Think about adjectives to describe and adverbs that add detail to what they do.

"Superman possesses the powers of flight, superhuman strength, x-ray vision, heat vision, cold breath, super-speed, enhanced hearing, and nigh-invulnerability. While Superman is immensely strong both in terms of muscle power and ability to take physical punishment, he is not all-powerful." 


This week we are going to focus on the suffix ‘-ous’.

For example we can add 'ous' to the root word 'danger' and it becomes dangerous

Using the words below, can you add 'ous' to each word. 

What do the words mean? Please look up any words that you are unsure of. 

Check each spelling as you may have to change more than just adding the 'ous'. What rules or patterns do you notice?

What does the suffix 'ous' mean? Can you remember from when we read The Jabberwocky?

Please us the Spelling menu or Spelling Frame to learn this spelling rule. 

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