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So this week we are going to look at the story, 'Katie and the Waterlily Pond'. Your first activity is to watch the video up until Katie sees the second painting. Then STOP! Then can you complete the sheet? 

Your challenge today, when you write your prediction, is to try and use the words 'and' and 'because' to extend your sentences to say reasons why. 

Katie and the Waterlily Pond


Today we are going to look at finding quarters smiley I've also added a 'flashback' sheet for you to practice an area of maths we've looked at before yes

Find a quarter


Below is a picture of Monet's garden. Our activity today is to try and recreate his garden using his style of painting. 

To do this you can either use the end of your finger or a cotton bud if you prefer. You might want to use your finger for the bigger, thicker bits and a cotton buds for the more detailed sections. I've also included a template that you could use as it is, or you could lightly trace the image onto another piece of paper so the lines disappear as you paint. 

Some people think that Monet's work looks quite messy when you look at it closely, but it looks amazing when you stand back a bit. So don't worry about it being super neat, take a step back and see what you think smileyyes

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