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First, can you watch the video. Our book this week is 'Katie's Picture Show'. 

When Katie goes into the 'Madam Moitessier' painting Madam Moitessier is having a lovely looking afternoon tea. Your activity today is to design a menu for afternoon tea, including sandwiches, cakes and drinks. 

Challenge: To include adjectives to describe the food. 

Super Challenge: To present your menu so it could be in a real cafe. 


Katie's Picture Show


Today we are going to look at making patterns with 2D and 3D shapes. Make sure you read the questions carefully. Try and have a go at the 'Flashback' too to practice some of the things we've done earlier in the year laugh

Patterns with 2D and 3D shapes


One of the pictures in the story this week was called 'Dynamic Seprematism' by Kazimir Malevich. Can you use a computer to create an image like his? Maybe you could use 'Paint'? Think carefully about the shapes you choose and their colour, size and position. There's a picture below to remind you of what it looks like smiley

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