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As always on a Tuesday your first activity is to watch our new Katie story. This will be the last one I put up, but there are others available if you have been enjoying them and want to look them up! 

Over the course of this week we are going to write our own Katie stories! I would like you to keep to the rough story line - that Katie visits a gallery with her Grandma, she goes and has adventures in some paintings and then it normally finishes with Katie going to get a tasty treat with her Grandma (when she's woken up!). However, the paintings she goes into, and what happens when she is in there, is completely up to you. I've included some examples of some famous paintings below to give you some ideas, or you could research some of your own smiley

Your second task today is to create a story map for your Katie story. Just like we did for our Lighthouse Keeper story. I've also included an example story map below to remind you of the layout and what needs to be included. 

Katie and the Mona Lisa

Painting Ideas

The names of these paintings are: 

'The Scream' by Edvard Munch

'Girl with a Pearl Earring' by Johannas Vermeer

'Las Meninas' by Diego Velazquez

'The Luncheon' by Claude Monet

'The Blue Dress' by Edgar Degas

And here is an example of a story map to remind you what to do...


We are going to carry on learning to tell the time. Make sure you read the questions carefully laugh

Quarter to and past


In the Katie story this week she goes into a painting called, 'Primavera'. 'Primavera' means 'spring' in Italian. Can you create your own seasonal image? It could be any season you like; spring, summer, autumn or winter. You could paint it, collage it, create an image on the computer. It's up to you, it just needs to represent the season you have chosen. I would love to see your creations laughyes

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