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Good morning, Ash Class! I hope you're feeling well. :)

Here is the work we are doing in class today. When you are finished, you can email it to me at:

Have a lovely day!

-Miss Thomas :)

Subtract two 4-digit numbers (more than one exchange)

Today in Maths, we are learning to subtract two 4-digit numbers, but with more than one exchange! Here is a video lesson to help you.

You can find the Maths worksheet here:

And here are the answers to yesterday's Maths worksheet:


In English, we are going to do some persuasive writing based on the research we have done about wolves. Start by writing a title and a short introduction - what are you going to be telling the reader about?

Then, have a go at writing your first paragraph, starting with a new heading and some facts about wolves. Try to include the following in your writing:

  • expanded noun phrases, to describe the wolves - if you have forgotten what these are, here is a handy link to remind you: BBC Bitesize - Expanded Noun Phrases
  • rhetorical questions, to make the reader think - you might want to use one in your introduction or headings, and please don't forget what must always come at the end of a question!
  • capital letters and full stops (of course!)

Good luck! :)

Our second art lesson gives us the opportunity to compare two pieces of Giuseppe Arcimboldo's art, Summer and Autumn, using a Venn diagram. What similarities do you notice? What differences do you notice? Which one do you like best?

After this, we will be using coloured pencils and oil pastels to create our very own artwork! You might want to look up some images of fruit, vegetables and other appropriate items to guide your work (or you could look at what you have at home!). Can you put the pieces together to make a face?


Have fun!

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