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An update on our egg!


Yesterday a mysterious egg was delivered to Maple Class! Since the egg has been delivered we have made sure to keep it safe, and have kept it nice and warm. Today we had another delivery to Maple Class, however it is not an egg this time - we have received a book and a letter instead. I opened the letter and this is what it said. Please look below to read it (ask mum's and dad's to help you). smiley

Wow! So we know that this egg is a dinosaur egg, but what dinosaur do you think could be inside? Mrs T and I would love to hear your ideas - from our Teams meeting last week it does seem like you are the dinosaur experts! laugh When we meet later today, we will read the book that was delivered to us, but we will also have a look at the egg too, and discuss what it could be. I will carefully hold up the egg for you to see on your screens at home. We can't wait to hear your ideas of what it could be! We are keeping the egg nice and warm, here is a picture below of the egg being all snug yesterday afternoon. The children that were at school yesterday collected bean bags, pillows, teddies and blankets to keep it cosy, as well as some leaves next to it in-case it hatches and was hungry.
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