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The disappearance of our dinosaur egg is still such a mystery! At school we have been looking for clues to see if we can work out what has happened. So far the clues we have found are............


- Paint on the floor.

- A toy dinosaur hurled onto a beanbag.

- Chairs fallen onto the floor.

- Bricks all over the floor.

- The blanket has come out of the box.

- Shavings from the box all over the floor.

- Lego on the floor.

- 6 bits of fluff found outside.


Goodness! The classroom was left in such a mess! We have been wondering whether the egg has hatched and the dinosaur had run away? Or did someone or something take our egg? We did look for some egg shell but...... we did not find any! 

Like you are at home, we are creating some 'lost' posters too! We are going to put ours up at school, maybe you could put yours up in your window? Hopefully by creating these posters, more and more people will know about the egg and maybe we will find out some more information. We will keep looking for clues! enlightenedyes If you have finished your 'lost' poster by this afternoon, bring them along to our Teams meeting today so we can all have a look at each other's!

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