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Spr3.1.4 - Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit (no exchange) activity

This is "Spr3.1.4 - Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit (no exchange) activity" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people...


There was a mistake with the video's the wrong one was posted today. This is the correct one. There are no tasks sheets to go with this video, just pause and have a go at the tasks as you watch the video. 

Experience Day

To experience the language choices of a skilled voiceover narrator.

Watch the first David Attenborough video clip and identify six adjectives used to describe the seas.

Watch the second clip and with a learning partner discuss the power of love and teamwork.

Build a bank of collaborative words – togetherness, teamwork, sharing,collaboration, cooperative, partnership, harmony, joint effort, pulling, together, working together, combined effort.

• Spend more time watching David Attenborough clips of your choice to fully yourself in vocabulary used to describe the beauty of the sea.


David Attenborough Desert Seas National Geographic HD

Incredible Teamwork From Little Clownfish | Blue Planet II

USA: Watch Blue Planet II on BBC America - 9pm Saturdays from 20th January 2018.Subscribe to BBC Earth for more amazing animal videos -


Yesterday you were creating words by adding prefixes to root word. Your task today is to use 5 of those new words and create a sentence for each word, with the word in it. 


Please practice your handwriting by writing  each of the sentences you created (above) in your handwriting books. 

Today is all about the Wooly Mammoth. Task 1. Read about the Mammoth in the Fact File. Task 2 Create your own model. Have a go at cutting and sticking to create a card model. Or super challenge.... what can you find at home from the recycling to make your own model. Cardboard toilet roll tube for a body, wool for the hair....tusks on the dog. Get  creative, what kind of model can you make?  

In class yesterday we drew a Wooly Mammoth by drawing along with Rob on the link below. So, here is his video, it's great fun to draw along and get a great result. So get creative and draw along. There are also lots of other things you can choose to draw with Rob, so give them a go too. Happy drawing!   


Check out this how to draw video on how to draw the Ice Age's biggest biggest animal the WOOLY MAMMOTH!!Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!!!SUPPLIES:Colored Pencilsh...

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