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Make your own bakery!

The Gingerbread Man runs away in the story fresh out of the oven! You may also find gingerbread men in bakeries too. Have you seen a gingerbread man in a bakery before? laugh


Across this week, could you make your very own bakery at home? You could role play being a baker, serving out lots of tasty treats! Below I have attached some role play signs that you could print off and put up in your bakery. You could make some of your own posters, and write your own signs and prices of the tasty treats you have to offer. Could you write your own menu, or shopping lists? Remember to use your sound mats from our Phonics lessons to help you with your writing. yes Having your very own bakery would also create great opportunities for Maths! If you have some play money (or some pennies your mum's and dad's don't mind you borrowing) you could practise adding pennies together. You could look carefully at the coins, what numbers can you see on them?


Mrs T and I would love to see your bakeries! If you can don't forget to upload some pictures to tapestry for us to see. Keep an eye out for photos of our bakery we have made at school too. Below are some ideas of bakeries if you would like some inspiration. smiley

Maybe you could make your very own bakery items to sell using salt dough, just like in the picture below! You could make as little or as many as you like. Follow the link below which will take you to a salt dough recipe if you would like to do this! laugh
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