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Wed 13th

Good Morning Oak,

This would have been the half way point in SATs and for some of you, the day you were waiting for ... the first of the maths papers. I must say I am quite disappointed not to be doing the paper tomorrow; I love seeing what the questions will be and having a go in my head as the class work their way through. However it is National Numeracy day and looking at the website there are plenty of things on there to keep you going. I would like to claim credit for finding the link but Mrs Cohen sent it to me as she thought you might like it .....


Mrs Cohen has also sent another message: 


Good morning Oak Class!

I’m enjoying the sun when it appears. My husband is busy gardening and recently planted lots of sunflower seeds at the front of our house – they like the rain and sun and are starting to grow. Jasper’s class tutor at Priory School informed us that it is “No Mow May” – she is taking part in this which means not mowing your lawn for this month to help bees and increase biodiversity. If you have a lawn, your parents may be happy with less mowing! See the details on the website:


If you’d like to stay connected to nature and, as our school is situated and some of us live within the South Downs National Park, you may be interested in South Downs National Park resources at:


Enjoy your daily outside exercise!

Mrs Cohen

Today's activities are posted below along with the video. As yesterday, please read the maths introduction sheet before watching the video but you don't need to follow the link I gave, just watch the clip below. There is also the Arithmetic paper and the first of the Reasoning. I think you can get away without printing the arithmetic - just give yourself an extra couple of minutes to allow for writing out the questions. For those of you who don't fancy the maths paper, I have attached a story starter. I have avoided using Street Child as if you are doing the maths it might be a bit of a work overload to do an English task too. You don't have to do everything I have posted - choose the things you fancy most!


Hope you have a lovely day,

Mrs Head

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