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Wed 3rd

Good Morning Oak Class


I only realised when looking at the calendar on Tuesday that we are meant to be at Croft Farm sad ! It made me so sad that I wasn't on holiday with you all getting wet in the lake! 

If you are returning to school next week you will have received an email with your Bubble Group. If you are not with me I'll wave across the field and we can shout our news to each other. I'm looking forward to seeing you all. 

Today's Maths

Although the first minute of the video today appears very easy beware .... what you are going to do later will really make you think. Make sure you pause the video and try the challenges and then listen carefully to the how the problems were solved. If you need to, why not watch the video more than once. Then, when you watch it the second time, you will understand better what is about to happen and there will be less new things going on.

The activity sheet is quite a challenge today so don’t get disheartened if you find it challenging. Remember you need convert values to the same ‘type’ to compare them. You can choose what you convert too (either all fractions or decimals or percentages) but they need to from the same ‘family’ to compare or order. Showing your working out is VERY important, especially in multi value problems. You cannot hold everything in your head – write it down as you go along! The answer sheet when you look at it is not that helpful for part of question 3 and 7. If you would like to email me your answers/ workings,  I will post them on our page and you can compare with each other.

Today's English/ topic looks at Dr Barnardo and begins a task that will last for the rest of this week.


Hope you have a lovely day! 

Mrs Head


White Rose Order Fractions Decimals Percent

The video to watch before you do the task - make sure you pause to do the tasks!.

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