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Wednesday 18th Nov

Good morning!

I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday. Thank you to those of you who emailed in your English work yesterday. I received 12 pieces. If you didn’t email it yesterday, you can still email it to me today and I will reply to everything sent in.

 My email is:

For today’s lesson we have


The White Rose maths takes us into a new area of measuring today. You will be introduced to km. You will be working to understand how big this unit is and comparing it to metres.

I would like you to:

  • Watch the video, pausing it to think and ‘have a go’ where the teacher prompts.
  • Print the worksheet out and do the tasks where the video tells you to.
  • I’ve posted the answers so you can mark your worksheet when you have finished - just like we do in class. If you got something wrong, try and see where you made the error. Remember we learn a lot by understanding where we went wrong!

This activity can be kept at home and brought in when you return to school.


Today we are going to focus on spelling.

I decided not to continue with prefixes as I would rather look at those in class with you next week when we are back together. Instead, you will be learning eight words from the Government’s Yr3/4 word list. These are key words that are also tricky. We will look at them today and tomorrow and you will be tested on them next week when we are back in school.


There are two topic tasks today.

  1. A revisit to Water Cycles from yesterday. This time the focus is on the vocabulary. If you are not sure which word goes where, why not look at yesterday’s video again?
  2. A return to the work on Rivers we started last week. How much can you remember from the work we did when we used the OS map of our local area? See how many questions you can answer. Finally, can you name the rivers and seas on my map of the British Isles?

I would like the spelling dictation you create returned to me so I can choose some to use with the class. The rest of today’s work can be saved to be brought back next week. As well as the dictation it would be good to know which tasks you have completed. This will help me plan Thursday’s work.

Looking forward to seeing your work. Hope you have a lovely day!


Mrs Head

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