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So we are carrying on learning about things we can use in poems and today we are going to look at rhymes. I've included a game for you to practise your rhyming skills, then an animal poem sheet where you have to fill in the missing words. 

If you wanted you could write up your poem in neat, draw a beautiful picture to go with it and then give it to someone in your house smiley 


Today we are going to practise counting in 3s laugh I've included a challenge sheet if you want to give it a go.


I've also included another Minute Maths sheet for over the next two days. Good luck yes


Whilst we've been away from school I have received a letter from Granny! Remember she set you a task on World Book Day. I know some of you have already given in your stories, and I have passed those on. But if you haven't yet and you still want to enter the competition you still have a few days left. Here's the letter...

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