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Today we are going to look at imperative verbs. These are bossy words which tell us what to do. For example; sit, put, mix. We use them a lot in instructions so people know what to do. Here are some activities to help you understand imperative verbs a bit better, the second sheet is harder than the first. Then the third sheet is the answers, no peeking until you're finished cool 


We are going to carry on looking at our number bonds to 10 and 100. Can you spot any patterns? 


I added another Minute Maths for the next two days too! How many questions can you answer in a minute? 


Here's a wordsearch for you. Can you find all the fruits and vegetables? Be careful, some of them are diagonal! laughyes

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The school will be closed to all pupils (with the exception of children of Key Workers, those with Social Workers and those with an EHCP) from Friday 20th March until further notice