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Today, we will remind ourselves how to use column method for subtracting. I have created a help-sheet to support you with the steps.

English - Writing

Please continue to write your diary entry.

I have explained further in a help sheet attached.


The BBC have added past tense verbs to their daily lessons. You might want to watch the videos to help you write in the past tense.

English - Reading 

Chapter Three - Retrieval skills

Please use your skimming and scanning skills to look for information. This means you do not have to re-read the whole chapter. First choose a key word in the questions and then scan for that word. When you find that word, skim read around it to see if it help to answer the question. If not, start scanning again. 


  • Why are the other pirates grumpy?
  • What were the daggers? Why is Lila not scared of them?
  • What was on the path?
  • How did Lila scare the tiger away?
  • Why is Chulak pleased that the carpet is there?
  • What was the tarpaulin for?
  • What does Chulak have to eat?

English - Spellings

Please unscramble the words you have been learning this week. Good luck wink

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