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Your first task for today is to re-watch the Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch video (Remember it's on our Tuesday page). Whilst you are watching it/listening to it, can you write down any words or phrases you really like? Keep these for later, just like we would with our Magpie Books at school. 

Then can you cut out the pictures I have taken of the story and put them in the right order? Can you write sentences underneath to explain what is happening at that point in the story? The words and phrases you 'magpied' earlier might help you smiley Remember to go back and check you've used all of your full stops and capital letters! 


We are going to recap on our 2D shapes today smiley Firstly, think carefully about what we mean when we say sides and corners. Can you explain these words to someone in your house? 

Your task is to fill in the table with the facts about different 2D shapes. I have included a shape mat with pictures of the shapes on it in case you need a little reminder, only if you need to though! You can then use it to check your work when you're done. 

I've also included a PowerPoint with 'Guess My Shape' on it. Remember it's the game we play where we describe the shape and the other person has to guess what shape it is! E.g. It only has one side. It's a curved side. It has no corners. It's a... Circle!laugh Maybe you could play it with other people in your house? yes

Create an Advert

Can you choose a piece of fruit or a vegetable in your house? Your job today is to create an advert, like you'd see on TV, to advertise your chosen fruit or vegetable. Think carefully about all the things that are good about it to say in your advert so people will want to buy it. You might want to write a little script to remind yourself what you are going to say. Are you going to use any props? Then you could show it to the other people that live in your house laugh

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