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I hope everybody found short multiplication alright yesterday. Hopefully, it was straight forward as there was no exchanging.  So, some of you may have guessed....there is today! But again, please do not worry if there is any thing you don’t understand. I will go over this when we return. 

We are taking small steps this week as home learning is very new to me and I don’t want to overwhelm you either!


Tomorrow’s learning will be more questions to continue this learning, so don’t worry if you want to stretch today’s task over two days.

Good morning, 

Its 10:30 and I am sure you have downloaded these by now, but I have made a very strange mistake.

31 divided by 8 is not 28 r3! I can not explain what I was thinking.

So, helped by the children who are in this week:


31 dived by 8 = 24r7


Mrs Lewis angel

English - Reading

Chapter 4 - Inference skills

  • Why does Chulak bow before he leaves?
  • Why is the waiter perturbed?
  • Why isn’t Lila enjoying her journey?
  • Why might the ground be hot?


You will need to use the book to help you answer the questions. Remember the answer will not directly written by the author. You will need to look for clues to help you form your ideas. 

English - Spelling

Below is a scramble activity. I have used the verbs we are focusing on and I added the 'ing' suffix.

Enjoy wink

English - Writing

I forgot to mention on Monday that we are going to spend two weeks writing our stories.


Please continue to plan your story if needed.

If you have finished planning, please think about the setting of your story. Where is your story going to start?


Imagine you or a character is standing in the setting. If you shut your eyes, it might help you to imagine. 

Please use your senses to make a list of 'things' you can see, touch, hear, smell, taste (?) and I will include feelings that may be felt in this place. Please make a list under these different sections. I have created a table if this helps. 

This is my table I started as an example

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