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So we are going to carry on looking at the Lighthouse Keeper's Tea. You can now watch the video (which is on the Tuesday page) up until Mrs Grinling is teasing Mr Grinling about being old, about 4.30 mins in. Then STOP! 

Mr Grinling is trying to choose a new pastime or hobby. Can you think of a new hobby Mr Grinling might like? It might be something that you do or something completely different. Can you write a description of the hobby you have chosen, and include why you think it would be good for Mr Grinling. Remember in a description we should be using lots of adjectives to paint a picture in our readers head. 

Your challenge today is to use the conjunction 'because' in your description. 

Your super challenge is to go back and edit your work. Have you used all your full stops and capital letters, are there any spellings you need to check, is there an adjective you could improve or add? 


Today we are going to look at comparing number sequences. You need to watch the video and then have a go at the worksheet smiley I've included the answers again, but remember no peaking until you've finished. 

My top tip when you are drawing the counters is to use two different colours to draw them. That way you can clearly see the two numbers and it is easier to go back and check if you make a mistake laughyes

Compare number sentences

Letter Shape Challenge
Your challenge today is to try and make all the letters of the alphabet with your body! You could try to make them on your own or maybe someone in your house could help you? I'd love to see some pictures of your most inventive ideas. I've included some pictures below to give you some ideas. 

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