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Today we are going to be describing bees using adjectives and verbs.

This will help prepare for your list poem you will be writing tomorrow.


Think about:

  • what a bee look like
  • how it moves
  • how it reacts
  • the noise it make
  • it's personality traits
  • what is does
  • eats   



The idea is for your child to create a mind map about bees.

In the middle of a piece of paper ask your child to write the word bee, draw a picture or use one of the photos as a prompt. 

Next think about bees. What words can your child/ren think of to describe it?

Write all the adjectives and verbs they can think of on their piece of paper to describe a bee. 

Get them to think about bee behaviour in the garden, watch a clip about bees or go onto some of the information websites I have put in the website folder. If they haven't done the Cosmic Yoga this might help too.   


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