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Today we are using the new skills we have to multiply 2 or 3 digit numbers by a single number using short multiplication. Phew, that was a mouthful! 

BBC Bitesize and classroom secrets have created film clips to show you this. If you are still unsure of how to do this, it might be worth watching the film clips. 

English - Spelling 

I have attached a word scramble for you to complete. 


Classroom Secrets have now added lots of games , so please do check in to see if there is any thing suitable for you. I have created login and passwords. Please email if you have lost or not received yours. 

English - Reading 

Explaining skills 

Remember to use the book to help you answer. 

  • How does Philip Pullman make you feel sorry for Lila on the first page?
  • Why do the author and illustrator illustrate all the pages of this chapter with flames?

English - Writing

Today we are going to focus on writing the main problem or climax of our story. In my story, a storm happens which destroys their nest. 

Before you start writing, think about what is happening in this section. It should be full of action and less description. We want to reader to be reading quickly so the action needs to happen quickly. We need to use powerful verbs and short sentences.


Start by making a list of powerful verbs that could be used for this problem. For example:

raining, crashing, thundering, banging, raging, sweeping.


Now write the draft of your climax. 

For example:


Raining pouring down her face, Susie took a quick breath as the darkest of the clouds moved across the sky. She knew she had to escape. Twigs started to snap. The wind was howling as Susie tried to drag her self out of the nest. Her leg was stuck.

Topic - VE Day

How did you get on yesterday?

Hopefully, you discovered that it is 75 years since the end of World War Two.

Today, it would be nice for you to use your creative skills, so I have attached three ideas for you. 

  1. Design your own medal.
  2. Create bunting. You could create your own by using the template or colour in the bunting I have attached. 
  3. I have included a war time cooking book. Do you remember when we read about rationing? Food was scarce, so certain foods were rationed. 

I’m going to make the ‘Egg-less Sponge’ as I already have all the ingredients.

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