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Today we will be using the part-part-whole model (cherry diagram). We have done quite a lot of learning about part/wholes so hopefully you should feel confident doing these. 



Throughout the video ensure your child/ren have a piece of paper so that they can have a go at completing tasks when they are asked to pause the video. Doing this will help them when they go on to do the follow up activity. 

Encourage your child to use STEM sentences when describing parts/wholes. for example: "The whole is 8". " 6 is one part". "2 is the other part". "I have 8."  


It is important for children to see cherry diagrams in different rotations and where there are more than two parts. There is often a misconception that if a cherry diagram has more than two parts then it must be incorrect. 

The challenge activity shows a diagram with three parts. For this challenge its about the children understanding that a whole can be parted in many different ways. Encourage the use of resources so they can see this. As with prior challenges, explain the activity but encourage independent problem solving as much as possible.   



Maths Talk 

What is the part? 

What is the whole?

How can we find the missing part or whole?

What is the same? What is different? 


Year 1 - Week 3 - Lesson 3 - Add together and find a part

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